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Barbed Wire Rolling Tray

Original price $1.78 - Original price $2.50
Original price
$1.78 - $2.50
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Welcome to Patientopia, where we elevate your smoking experience to rock 'n roll heights! Introducing our electrifying Barbed Wire Rolling Tray - Guns N' Roses edition, guaranteed to make your smoke sessions as legendary as a Guns N' Roses concert.

Crafted with the rebellious spirit of rock 'n roll, this rolling tray is adorned with iconic barbed wire motifs, reminiscent of Axl Rose's electrifying stage presence. Let the edgy design ignite your creativity as you roll up your favorite herbs and prepare for a smoking experience that's anything but ordinary.

With ample space to organize your rolling essentials, this tray ensures that you're always ready to roll like a rockstar. Whether you're crafting the perfect joint or packing a bowl, our Barbed Wire Rolling Tray keeps everything in place, so you can focus on channeling your inner rock god.

So, grab your favorite smoking companions, cue up your favorite Guns N' Roses tunes, and let this tray be the stage for your next smoking adventure. Because in Patientopia, every smoke session is a wild ride through the paradise city of cannabis enjoyment!
  • Made from aluminum
  • Compact design
  • Non-stick rolling surface
  • Rounded edges
  • High-quality graphic
  • Available in Small and Medium;
  • Small – 180x140x15 mm
  • Medium – 270x160x22 mm