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Bent Neck Jellyfish Rig

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Step right up, dear tokers and dab enthusiasts, and behold the marvel that is the Bent Neck Jellyfish Rig, a true masterpiece straight from the depths of the smoke shop seas!

Picture this: a whimsical jellyfish design, with tendrils swaying gently in the currents of your smoke-filled chamber. This rig isn't just a piece of glassware; it's a window into an underwater world of relaxation and euphoria.

Crafted with the finest borosilicate glass, this rig is as sturdy as it is stunning. Its bent neck design ensures a comfortable, splash-free smoking experience, allowing you to kick back and enjoy your session without worry.

But wait, there's more! The pièce de résistance: the jellyfish perc. As you draw from the mouthpiece, watch in awe as bubbles dance and swirl through the water, mimicking the graceful movements of a jellyfish gliding through the ocean depths.

Whether you're a seasoned sea captain or a landlubber looking to dive into the world of dabbing, the Bent Neck Jellyfish Rig is sure to make waves at your next smoke sesh. So why wait? Dive in and let the good times flow!


  • 9 inches tall
  • 14mm female joint
  • Bowl is included
  • Ring neck for extra sturdiness 
  • Slitted arms tree percolator 
Color: Blue