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BoroBuddy™ Magnetic Cleaner

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Welcome to Patientopia, where we cater to all your smoking needs with a twist of fun and flair! Introducing the latest addition to our lineup: the BoroBuddy™ Magnetic Cleaner – your new best friend in keeping your glassware sparkling clean!

Picture this: you're enjoying a chill session with your favorite piece, but as the resin builds up, the flavor starts to fade. Fear not, for the BoroBuddy™ is here to save the day! With its powerful magnetic design, this nifty little tool easily attaches to the side of your glass piece, always within reach when you need it most.

But wait, there's more! Not only does the BoroBuddy™ boast a sleek and compact design, but its ultra-soft bristles are also gentle on your precious glassware, ensuring a thorough clean without any scratches or damage. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and endless scrubbing – with just a few swipes, your piece will be looking brand new!

Whether you're a seasoned smoker or new to the game, the BoroBuddy™ Magnetic Cleaner is a must-have accessory for any smoke sesh. So why wait? Grab yours today and keep the good times rolling in style at Patientopia – where every puff is an adventure!


  • One (1) BoroBuddy™ Handle.
  • One (1) Bar Magnetic Cleaner (This goes inside your glass)
  • One (1) Circular Magnetic Cleaner (This goes inside your glass)
  • Ten (10) BoroBuddy™ cleaning Pads (Bar)
  • Ten (10) BoroBuddy™ cleaning Pads (Cylinder)
  • (20 BoroBuddy™ cleaning pads in total is estimated 20 cleans!)
  • One (1) Forcep. (Use this to remove dirty pad)

 No Stains. No Jokes. Made For Pros.

See it in action here.

Please read why we believe BoroBuddy is an imperative tool for all glass users:

"According to the Montana State University Center for Biofilm Research, “Biofilms grow virtually everywhere, in almost any environment where there is a combination of moisture, nutrients, and a surface.” Even if your glass is clean, any water left in it can encourage the formation of biofilm. You are at higher risk for contaminating your water once the resin and other plant materials accumulate inside the glass. Even mold can grow from the stagnant tap water in your bong as well as humidifiers.

It’s estimated that 80% of human diseases affecting the sex organs, lungs, mouth, teeth, heart, eyes, skin, and ears are caused by microorganisms that grow from biofilm.

Many antibiotics and even antiseptics fail to efficiently get rid of mature biofilm, which makes it more difficult to treat chronic infections its caused. This is why the best way to get rid of biofilm is to physically get rid of the infected area MECHANICALLY.- C@NNAB1S.NET (WHERE THE BOROBUDDY™ COMES IN HANDY!)

  • Mold Spores, Mildew, and Bacteria will grow on your dirty bong within 24 hour!
  • The BEST way to remove biofilm is with pressure and agitation and the BoroBuddy ™ does just that!

Smoke cleaner with your BoroBuddy ™ - do it for your lungs and ACT NOW! 


Stop spending your money on fancy liquid solutions. Buy BoroBuddy™ once and take control of your glass.

You know those stains on your glass that isopropyl alcohol alone just can't get out? Or those water mineral stains that seemingly will never go away? You know, the stains you wish you could just rub off from the inside of your glass but of course your hand won't fit? Well, now you can rid those stains with BoroBuddy™. BoroBuddy™ makes you feel like you are in control. You can buffer out those nasty stains you thought you'd have forever. Try it for yourself and let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are BoroBuddy™ pads reusable? Yes, they are reusable depending on how dirty your glass is. We recommend cleaning your glass frequently to avoid mold and bacteria build up! If you clean your piece consistently, the pads will last for multiple cleans! If you let the resin build up, then the pads are likely to be single use. Your BoroBuddy™ Cleaner is meant to last and SAVE YOU MONEY!

Made in America.

**Glass Not Included**

Color: Royal Purple