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Budder Knife | Electronic Dab Tool Attachment - Ceramic

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Welcome to Patientopia's Smoke Shop, where we bring the joy of cannabis consumption to new heights! Today, let's introduce you to our latest innovation: the Budder Knife | 510 Electronic Dab Tool Attachment - Ceramic!

Are you tired of clumsy dab tools or messy setups? Say goodbye to those woes with the Budder Knife! This sleek attachment is designed to fit perfectly onto your 510 electronic dab rig, transforming your dabbing experience into a seamless, mess-free adventure.

Crafted with premium ceramic, the Budder Knife ensures optimal heat retention and flavor preservation, allowing you to savor every terpene and cannabinoid with maximum potency. Whether you're a seasoned dabber or just starting your journey, this tool is perfect for anyone looking to elevate their dabbing game.

With its convenient design, the Budder Knife lets you effortlessly scoop up your favorite concentrates and enjoy smooth, flavorful hits without any hassle. Say hello to precision, efficiency, and a whole lot of fun!

So why wait? Upgrade your dab rig with the Budder Knife today and experience dabbing like never before. Visit Patientopia's Smoke Shop and grab yours now!

The Budder Knife by Helio Supply is a 510 threaded ceramic dab tool that attaches to any 510 threaded battery creating an electronic dab tool for your plant based extracts. Simply screw on your 510 threaded Budder Knife attachment to your battery and you instantly turn your battery into a hot knife. Cleanly transfer your extracts without any additional mess, best paired with a our DualCharge Battery Kit or other variable voltage batteries. 

**DualCharge Battery Kit not included with purchase!