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Cyclones Clear Pre-Rolled Cone - 2pk - Blue Chill

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Welcome to Patientopia, where we take your smoking experience to new heights! 🌿🌀

Introducing our latest addition to the lineup: the Cyclones Clear Pre-Rolled Cone - 2pk in Blue Chill! Dive into a world of icy coolness with every puff. These pre-rolled cones are not just any ordinary smoke, they're a frosty adventure waiting to be sparked!

Picture this: you're lounging with friends, the sun's warmth on your skin, but your mind craves something refreshing. That's when you reach for our Blue Chill Cyclones. Each cone is meticulously crafted for a smooth burn and maximum enjoyment. Just fill it up with your favorite herb, light it up, and let the soothing waves of blue chill wash over you.

With their clear design, you can watch the smoke swirl and dance within the cone, adding an extra element of fun to your smoke sesh. Whether you're chilling at home, hitting the beach, or gearing up for an epic adventure, these Cyclones will be your trusty sidekick.

So, why settle for ordinary when you can elevate your smoke game with Cyclones Clear Pre-Rolled Cone - 2pk - Blue Chill? Come grab yours at Patientopia today and get ready to chill like never before! 🌬️💙

Blue Chill Cyclones pre rolled wraps come with 2 per package and with a reusable wood filter tip. 

These transparent cigar wraps come from the famous Cyclones brand, now you can get a quality cigar wrap that is also clear. Made out of natural cotton cellulose, water, and glycerin, these cigar wraps are made of natural ingredients.

These cigar wraps are not cigarette wraps. It's more like smoking a pipe then a cigarette! Each puff will have a distinct flavor, thanks to Cyclone's Triple-Dip system.