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The Dipper is perfect for Nectar Straw lovers, and Wax Vaporizer smokers alike! And if your unfamiliar with either, this is a easy way to get acquainted with both!

Quick How To

The Dipper has a single button function; press this button four times to turn the battery on and off, when turned on press an additional three times to cycle through the available settings:

  • Blue: Low Heat
  • Green: Medium Heat
  • Red: High Heat

Each offers something different, with higher temperatures creating large vapor clouds and lower temperatures give you more flavorful pulls.

Nectar Straw 

Remove the mouthpiece cover and reattach it on the "bottom" of the Dipper. Screw the Dipper's quartz ceramic touch coil into place. Hold the the power button down and the Dipper quartz tip will begin to heat up. Press into your concentrates while still in their container and inhale through the bottom of the vaporizer where the mouthpiece is now located. No rig or sticky dab tools necessary, The nectar straw is a great home or stationary smoking method!

Concentrate Vaporizer

If your on the move and want a portable option, this is it. To smoke in a mobile wax pen format, load The Dipper titanium wrapped quartz coil atomizer with your concentrates and screw into the Dipper battery. Place the mouthpiece over the loaded quartz atomizer. Choose your prefered temperature, hold the power button and inhale those clouds!


Color: Ocean Blue