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G Pen Connect Glass Adapter - Male

Original price $13.99 - Original price $29.99
Original price
$13.99 - $29.99
Current price $13.99
Introducing the G Pen Connect Glass Adapter - Male, your ticket to smoother, more flavorful hits than ever before! Say goodbye to harshness and hello to heavenly clouds of vapor.

Crafted with precision and designed for ultimate convenience, this glass adapter seamlessly integrates with your G Pen Connect, transforming it into a powerhouse of pleasure. Simply attach it to your favorite glass piece, fire up your Connect, and prepare to be blown away by the silky smoothness of each inhale.

With its sturdy construction and easy-to-use design, the G Pen Connect Glass Adapter - Male is a must-have addition to any smoking arsenal. Elevate your sessions and indulge in pure vaping bliss with this innovative accessory.

Join the revolution in smoking technology at Patientopia and experience the difference for yourself!
Color: Black