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Odds & Ends Variety Pack of 60 Rosettes Rose Petal Cones

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These Odds & Ends are all from different batches, some are slightly shorter, others have colors defects or are less than perfect petals. These cones are a great way to enjoy Rose Petal cones at a fantastic price break! Variety Pack of 60 Odds & Ends Organic Rose Petal Cones [Rosettes].

Each cone holds roughly 1.5 grams of your favorite herbs. We use only the finest Organic Rose Petals which we meticulous cure to ensure an optimal customer experience. The color vibrancy and aroma of our Rose Petal Cones will elevate your senses. The Rosettes are protected from physical damage in a tube that contains a 2-Way Humidity exchange pack to preserve the petals. The tube is sealed with a cork top and elegant tamper seal.

All of our products hold their color & vibrancy for at least one year when stored properly. Keep out of direct sunlight as it will cause colors to fade.

Our Rose Petal Cones do not contain any fillers, harmful chemicals, pesticides, dyes, artificial flavorings, artificial glues, or artificial colors. Our Rose Petal Papers are 100% All-Natural and Organic.


(1) Variety Pack of 60 Odds & Ends Rosettes - Organic Rose Petal Cones
(2) Holds 1.5 grams - 109mm
(3) CaliGreenGold Bamboo Packing Tool
(4) 2-Way Humidity Exchange Pack
(5) Protective Tube
(6) Cork Cap & Tamper Seal

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*This product does not contain any herbs*
*Color Vibrancy may differ from images due to seasonality & genetic variation since we only use real rose petals!