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Pocket Sherlock Pipe by LA Pipes

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These awesome palm sized sherlock pipes are fumed in silver, wrapped in color glass, raked, and twisted to give them their unique patterns. This is classic glass-blowing technique used for thousands of years. These handmade pipes by LA Pipes are a perfect pocket-sized travel companion. Available in various colors and adorned with the gold LA Pipes seal. The bent style of a sherlock puts the heat source nearly eight inches away from your mouth, cooling the smoke for a more pleasurable and safer smoke, even though the pipe itself is no taller than a standard Bic lighter.

  • Approx 3.75 Inches tall and 3 Inches wide. If the pipes was stretches straight, the tube would be nearly 8 inches long.
  • Available in green, red, blue, and aqua
  • Deep bowl
  • Carbureted
  • Handmade in Los Angeles
Color: Aqua