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Special Blue Odor Eliminator Spray - Jasmine Woods

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The Jasmine Woods scent has a rich, woody aroma that smells complex. Hold the can upright and point it towards the center of the room for best results. Remove foul odors from pets or lingering smoke with a strong spray that lingers in the room and will last for hours. 

  • ROOM SPRAY | Special Blue Room Spray was voted #1 odor eliminator! This is a trusted product for removing unpleasant odors while keeping the air fresh. This product works great for removing pet odors and lingering smoke.
  • JASMINE WOODS | The Jasmine Woods room spray scent is rich and musky. It has a unique scent that fills the room and smells complex and woody.
  • LONG-LASTING | With Special Blue room spray, a little goes a long way. The spray will linger in the room it’s sprayed in for hours without the need to respray. The large can size will last for plenty of smoke sessions to come.